02 Experiences

The orthodontic laboratory was established by Siegfried Menzel in 1991. He and his employees had worked under the direction of Professor Rolf Fraenkel in the previous years. As an orthodontic technician Mister Menzel was instrumental in the technical realization of Professor Fraenkel’s ideas to develop the Functional Regulator.

Due to restructuring of the health care system, the orthodontic institute was dissolved. Together with Dr. Christine Fraenkel and Dr. Eva-Maria Koebel it moved to modern premises – today’s Fraenkel Centre Zwickau.

Further development of the Functional Regulator

The close collaboration of Dr. Christine Fraenkel and Siegfried Menzel offered the best conditions for constant improvement of the Functional Regulator. Over 25 years he conveyed his expertise to the employees of the laboratory. Therefore our orthodontic technicians have excellent experience in the correct manufacturing of the Functional Regulator according to Fraenkel.
Miniature of a Functional Regulator according to Fränkel (type FR-2)